COP15-prosessin uutiskirje [in English]

This is the first newsletter of the announcement-email-list towards Copenhagen. PLEASE DISTRIBUTE this information in the circles of people with whom you work. To join the announcement list go here:

1. Meeting in Copenhagen Sept. 2008
2. Meeting in Poznan Dec. 2008
3. Meeting in Belem Jan. 2009
4. The Next International Meeting

1. The first planning meeting happened in Copenhagen in September 2008. About 100 people from 20-25 different countries participated. Many people were quite young with a background in anti-globalisation movement: Seattle and the WTO blockades were an important reference point for the group. The Climate Justice Now ideas (i.e. movements of the global north must work hand-in-hand with movements of the global south) were very important for the way we are planning for the COP15. For the record of this meeting see

What we did at the meeting:

-set-up working groups to facilitate the process of moving forward

-discussed strategy: we realised that we came from very different backgrounds and had very different ideas (for example: on the legitimacy of the COP process), but also that we had lots of similarities (ie: we don’t want the false solutions that are being propagated, we believe that the outcome of these negotiations are likely to be bad, we’re not convinced by market based solutions, we want to put solidarity over profit making, we need to stop over-production for over consumption, and we want to work for food sovereignty and community control)

-these ideas come from the call out produced by the meeting: it is a preliminary call out, but was a first way to reach out and get new organisations involved. The initial call has now been translated into 21 different languages available at

2. Meeting in Poznan Dec. 2008

During the COP14 in Poznan in December 2008 there was a second meeting. We were about 80 people from nearly 30 countries. The first part was mainly an introduction-round to know each other. People came from different backgrounds, NGO’s, climate-action-groups, groups that
not only work on climate change but also work on issues of globalization such as WTO-finance-interests, and climate-camps. The majority of the represented groups were also members of the
Climate-Justice-Now Network.

In the working-groups and discussion circles we found that we had many different positions but also some big similarities. On the one hand there was the position to influence the summit to achieve a “good deal”. On the other hand were loud voices to shut down the summit. We all had in common the position that the actual way the negotiations are going is wrong and if the process goes on in this way, we won’t
have an outcome in Copenhagen that really accomplishes something on climate change.

In the working group phase of the second part, we updated the actual process groups for Media, Action, Logistics; Process/Facilitiacion and created some new for Messaging and Solidarity. Informations about the existing mailinglists you find at the end. Furthermore, every group was asked to public a contact-email but until now, we only have personal email- addresses. So please contact us, the process-group,
(climateaction [at] if you want to get in contact with one of the groups.

3. Meeting in Belem Jan. 2009

During the World Social Forum in Belem, Brazil, 27th of January until 1st of February 2009, there will also be meetings. Many of the people at these meetings will come from the networks of the global south, from South America, or other places in the world that cannot come easily to Europe. The meeting will be on the 31/1 from 12.00-15.00 in Belem at Local: UFPA Bp-Bp 05.

4. The Next International Meeting

The next international meeting of this network will happen in Copenhagen March 14-15, 2009. This meeting will discuss our aims and tactics during the summit. We will also discuss the possibility of coordinated global action during the summit. We invite all interested people to participate. By working together as many social movements, we can find good solutions to the challenges that the COP15 summit of global leaders presents to us all. If you need a special invitation in order to acquire a visa please contact climatemarch [a] right away.

To get involved in the ongoing and open process, you may *also* want to sign up to the climate09-int email list To join discussion list go here
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To join a WORKING GROUP or to otherwise get involved, use the information below:
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