Actions against E.ON in Helsinki and rest of Europe

In Finland concerned citizens took part in the E.ON-F.OFF action weekend by hanging a banner near the Helsinki offices of E.ON and Fennovoima. The banner stated a math equation of dirty energy: FENNOVOIMA=E.ON x NUCLEAR + COAL = CLIMATE CHAOS

While E.ON is busy with coal power in rest of Europe, in Finland it wants to build a nuclear power plant. It is the largest single shareholder of Fennovoima energy company which advertises nuclear power as a solution to climate change. Most Finnish people are against new nuclear power plants, but it seems that the politicians want to make Finland a playground for nuclear industry: there are also plans for several uranium mines and a waste depository. Finland’s decisions will influence policy-making in rest of the world: all support in stopping the nuclear madness is welcome. Both coal and nuclear power are dying forms of energy production that belong to the past!



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