NO URANIUM MINING! Demonstration in Helsinki on April 20th

On the international Day of Action against Extraction, a protest will take place in Helsinki against the uranium industry and the mining company Talvivaara.

If their plans to recover uranium are carried out, Talvivaara will become the biggest uranium-producing mine in Europe. This could be the start of large-scale uranium production in Northern Finland.

Over the first three years of its operation, three leaks and other smaller accidents have occurred in the mine and waters in the area have already been polluted. Local residents in Sotkamo fear that the uranium recovery facility will increase the mine’s environmental risks.

Talvivaara’s new partner in uranium processing is Cameco, a Canadian company infamous for leaking radioactive waste into the Ontario lake.

Uranium production was not considered at all when the mine’s environmental permits were originally granted, even though the site was well-known for its uranium-rich ore. Therefore the permits must be cancelled and the mine closed. Wherever uranium has been mined, the surrounding communities and nature have suffered. Uranium mining has been stopped nearly everywhere in Europe.

The demonstration starts on Helsinki central station square at 14.30. It is organised by the Finnish climate action network Hyökyaalto, part of the Rising Tide network.

Close down Talvivaara mine: mining uranium-rich ore is always an environmental risk!

People in Eastern and Northern Finland must have the right to determine their future and economy themselves!

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