Kuvia Hanhikiveltä 1-3. toukokuuta

Pictures from Hanhikivi 1-3th of May, 2015: In Flickr.

Fennovoiman ja L&T:n käsitys linnuista huolehtimisesta.
Fennovoima’s and L&T’s understanding of caring for the wild birds.

Kyltin teksti: “TERVETULOA TUTUSTUMAAN HANHIKIVEEN. Kivelle on matkaa viitan luota noin 400 metriä. Hanhikiven siirtolohkareelle johtavat pitkospuut ovat viime vuosien aikana päässeet lahoamaan ja puuttuvat osin kokonaan. Alueen suojelumerkinnän vuoksi kivelle johtavaa polkua ei saa raivata.
Text on sign: “WELCOME TO HANHIKIVI. From the signpost it’s about 400m to the Hanhikivi boulder. The walking boards leading to the boulder have in recent years become a bit rotten, and are in some places lacking completely. Because of the conservation designation, clearing of the path to the rock is prohibited.

Lisää kuvia: Flickr.

“Best vappu/valborg ever, even if it broke my heart to see the clear-cutted forest. You should also visit this wonderful place and help against the cuttings and the nuclear power plant construction plans.
I can highly recommend it with all my heart.

Info about the warm and cozy camp going on NOW: [link]

Use photos as you want (with a link to here or just: idreaido) but ONLY AGAINST nuclear power, Fennovoima, L&T and other mad things about this destruction of the home of rare species and to build the crazy construction instead of letting the beautiful landscape (and further generations) be in peace.
And if time, put a link or tell me where you have used them 🙂 Would be nice to know!”


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