We are still here – the protest camp stays, Fennovoima fails!

For two weeks the Hyökyaalto -network (Rising Tide Finland, that is) and Friends of the Earth -NGO kept up an excessively active period of themed and program filled protest camping at Pyhäjoki protest camp site. This workshop- and direct action filled period ended on 21st of June, but as Fennovoima still continues to destroy the Hanhikivi peninsula’s nature, the struggle continues – now more fierce than ever and perhaps even more needed than before!

To emphasize the fact that the protest camp is moving nowhere and enviromental activist engaged into this struggle are as determined as ever, the protesters connected to the cause blocked a digger working at the construction site, on location that’s working to erect the fence that aims to close the entire power plant area from any parts of wider audiences. After approximately one hour of blocking one activist was removed from the machine by the law enforcement and taken into custody.

“I think that as we are drawing closer the end of June and the time when Fennovoima is demanded to pass the figurative keys of Hanhikivi peninsula to Rosatom, the stress levels at their end of things are probably rising fast. Things haven’t so far gone as they’ve planned – there’s still cottage owners refusing to hand their keys and properties to Fennovoima and the protesters are still running around as they wish, slowing down the constructiong work the best they can”, comments one activist after participating Monday’s action.

The organizers of the two-week long camp would like to thank warmly all of the participants involved and local supporters for supporting our stuggle. With Fennovoima facing all the problems mentioned above we’ll have to push even harder than before. You all are still and againg extremely welcome to the campsite – struggle continues and we would like you to join it!


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