Civil disobedience at Sastamala enrichment facility

In Pirkanmaa, Finland, people who are concerned about Dragon Mining’s environmental impacts are acting again. Hyökyaalto network is blocking works with means of nonviolent civil disobedience at Dragon Mining enrichment facility in Sastamala.

Photo: Hyökyaalto

Hyökyaalto network demands Regional State Administrative Agency (AVI) to halt the establishment of the gold mine in Valkeakoski for conducting objective evaluation of effects on groundwater and waterways. According to the network also mine at Orivesi should be closed. It operates without a valid environmental permit and can do this only because it has
an appeal process going on in the court. In Orivesi Dragon Mining should also be ordered to clean the illegal waste dump and restore polluted waters.

In addition, protesters require AVI to stop the activities of the
enrichment facility as it has spoiled the environment already for
decades. Before further operations the security of surrounding nature should be guaranteed.

Photo: Hyökyaalto

According to Hyökyaalto, Dragon Mining aims to start mining activities in Valkeakoski without decent evaluation of environmental impacts. There is a serious risk that environmental destruction that have taken place in Orivesi and Sastamala will be repeated in Kaapelinkulma, Valkeakoski. Network asks what is the meaning of permits and monitoring if the company is anyway let to destroy the environment.

As recently as in the beginning of this January, the Ministry of
Economic Affairs and Employment and the Ministry of the Environment hurried to convince the public that Dragon Mining’s permits are legitimate. However, none took stand on the actual problems. Protesters remind that we only have the company’s own word that they are trying to fix the problems but nobody supervises whether this actually happens.

Photo: Hyökyaalto

Hyökyaalto requires Dragon Mining to stop playing with appeals and thrusting the responsibility on others’ shoulders. Network says that it’s finally time to force a company that repeatedly violates its
environmental permit to take care of its own environmental
responsibility and clean the mess it has made.

There will be continuum for the protests against Dragon Mining: On Saturday 26th January in the centre of Valkeakoski Pelastetaan Kaapelinkulma (Save Kaapelinkulma) demonstration and discussion event are organized.

Kuva: Hyökyaalto

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