Direct action against Dragon Mining company in Valkeakoski (Finland) continues

For second time this week, protesters have closed the entrance to the planned Kaapelinkulma gold mine in Valkeakoski, Finland. A three meter tall tripod was used on the road and one person sat on it for several hours from early morning Thursday January 31st 2019. In addition, three people climbed on machines on the site. With nonviolent action, Pelastetaan Kaapelinkulma (Save Kaapelinkulma) movement aims to prevent Dragon Mining from starting blasting at the planned mine site. Save Kaapelinkulma also requires authorities to interfere in the unsustainable activities of the infamous mining company. 
Dragon Mining has announced that it will start the mining activities any day now. Apparently the protests have postponed this start every time. However, people have noticed that smaller drilling works have already started this week.

Save Kaapelinkulma movement reminds about the initiative to Regional State Administrative Agency (AVI); people in Valkeakoski have required a review to the environmental permission. The initiative demands investigation of groundwater impacts, dust and noise impacts, and the harms of arsenic in stone. The initiative was dismissed by AVI and proceeded to administrative court.
The demonstrators welcome all concerned people to join protests in order to demand officials to take seriously the environmental impacts, they and not to trust in the information about the springs delivered by a company that is known for its environmental offences. Instead officials should stop the activities and organise an independent geologist to study the effects on waterways.

Save Kaapelinkulma blocked the road to the planned mining site first time on Wednesday January 2nd 2019. On Friday January 17th supporting Hyökyaalto network blocked the works at Dragon Mining enrichment facility in Sastamala to protest against the actions of the company and Valkeakoski mine. On Saturday 26 January demonstration against the gold mine brought together 80 people to march and discuss the mining issue. On Tuesday January 29th the planned preparatory works were stopped again with lock-ons at the gate and by climbing on machines.
By organising and acting collectively it is possible to resist mines when officials and courts fail to prevent the destruction of environment.

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