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Kuvia Hanhikiveltä 1-3. toukokuuta

Pictures from Hanhikivi 1-3th of May, 2015: In Flickr.

Fennovoiman ja L&T:n käsitys linnuista huolehtimisesta.
Fennovoima’s and L&T’s understanding of caring for the wild birds.

Kyltin teksti: “TERVETULOA TUTUSTUMAAN HANHIKIVEEN. Kivelle on matkaa viitan luota noin 400 metriä. Hanhikiven siirtolohkareelle johtavat pitkospuut ovat viime vuosien aikana päässeet lahoamaan ja puuttuvat osin kokonaan. Alueen suojelumerkinnän vuoksi kivelle johtavaa polkua ei saa raivata.
Text on sign: “WELCOME TO HANHIKIVI. From the signpost it’s about 400m to the Hanhikivi boulder. The walking boards leading to the boulder have in recent years become a bit rotten, and are in some places lacking completely. Because of the conservation designation, clearing of the path to the rock is prohibited.

Lisää kuvia: Flickr.

“Best vappu/valborg ever, even if it broke my heart to see the clear-cutted forest. You should also visit this wonderful place and help against the cuttings and the nuclear power plant construction plans.
I can highly recommend it with all my heart.

Info about the warm and cozy camp going on NOW: [link]

Use photos as you want (with a link to here or just: idreaido) but ONLY AGAINST nuclear power, Fennovoima, L&T and other mad things about this destruction of the home of rare species and to build the crazy construction instead of letting the beautiful landscape (and further generations) be in peace.
And if time, put a link or tell me where you have used them 🙂 Would be nice to know!”

Antinuclear resistance in Pyhäjoki, Finland – join the struggle!

For our english-speaking friends everywhere, a longer report about the events so far:


The Fennovoima Energy Company is starting to construct a nuclear power plant in Pyhäjoki, a nice, quiet and small municipality in the northwest of Finland. An action camp has been started in the area to stop the project.

Jatka lukemista Antinuclear resistance in Pyhäjoki, Finland – join the struggle!

From Pyhäjoki to Hambach, solidarity in resistance against capitalistic destruction!

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All around the world we are experiencing the destruction of nature in the name of capitalism. And all around the world we witness how the resistance against greedy elites is rising to defend our vital natural environments and wildlife.

Since years an ancient forest in Hambach, Germany is being occupied by the resistance movement to stop coal mining and the destruction of the forest. The resistance has won many battles there. Now in finland a similar struggle is occurring. A lovely forest on the northwest coast has been cut down, on the Hanhikivi cape in Pyhäjoki. The goal of the irresponsible capitalists: building a nuclear power plant.

Jatka lukemista From Pyhäjoki to Hambach, solidarity in resistance against capitalistic destruction!

INVITATION: Antinuclear protest camp started early in Pyhäjoki, Finland


The clearcutting of the forest where Fennovoima wants to build their nuclear power plant was originally subcontracted to Stora Enso, but they dropped the deal because of strategical disagreement: Fennovoima wanted the cutting to start in April, even though the relevant permits are still in process and not legally ratified; Stora Enso, which has faced public scrutiny and resistance around the world, wanted to wait until the paperwork was properly in legal order. To keep to their schedule and get rid of the forest before regulated bird nesting periods, Fennovoima replaced them with finnish company L&T Biowatti Oy, which got to work destroying the area as soon as the deal was signed on the 16th of April.

Jatka lukemista INVITATION: Antinuclear protest camp started early in Pyhäjoki, Finland

EDF perui jättikanteen ilmastoaktivisteja vastaan

One of Britain’s most powerful energy companies is facing acute embarrassment today after it was forced to drop a highly controversial £5m lawsuit against a group of climate change campaigners. The humiliating climb-down by EDF follows an unprecedented backlash in which hundreds of customers deserted the company and 64,000 people signed a petition posted by one of the activists’ parents.

Foundation Funding: Tightening the Bonds of Our Own Oppression

The awareness of capitalism’s core mechanisms (as opposed to its effects) is so crucial because the system has numerous methods of assimilating our struggles, and we have to make sure we don’t get sidetracked. It diverts discontent into forms that reinforce its own institutions. These are very sophisticated and persuasive – they make people feel that they are making a difference when in fact they’re tightening the bonds of their own oppression.

Pjotr "Pit" Silajev vapautettu Espanjassa

Espanjan oikeuslaitos on hylännyt Venäjän vaatimuksen karkoittaa kirjailija ja aktivisti Pjotr “Pit” Silajev Venäjälle. Himkissä on vastustettu vuosien ajan maksullisen Moskova-Pietari-moottoritien rakentamista arvokkaan metsäalueen läpi ja heinäkuussa 2010 tapahtuneen  mielenosoituksen jälkeen Venäjän viranomaiset ovat pidättäneet, uhkailleet ja kiduttaneet tunnettuja bloggareita, antifan aktivisteja ja toimittajia. Pit sai turvapaikan Suomesta, mutta joutui Espanjassa käydessään vangituksi ja häntä uhkasi karkoitus Venäjälle.


Fifi 23.8.2012: Toisinajattelija Silajev vangittu Espanjassa 23.10.2012:Peilimaassa & helvetissä 21.11.2012: Suomesta saatu turvapaikka menettämässä merkityksensä 14.2.2013: Petr Silaev: Audiencia Nacional has refused my extradiction to Russia

Jatka lukemista Pjotr "Pit" Silajev vapautettu Espanjassa

Stop the mining boom! Activists interfere international mining conference in Espoo

There is no such thing as socially and environmentally sustainable mining!

With the Northern mining boom the mining industry, famous for it’s chemical emissions, is threatening waters and ecosystems in various locations, where clean nature offers the most possibilities for local people. It is grotesque that the people involved gather to discuss the mining industry as a sustainable activity while every emergency dam in the Talvivaara mine is leaking poisonous waste water to Vuoksi waters.

Jatka lukemista Stop the mining boom! Activists interfere international mining conference in Espoo

Durban’s climate Zombie tripped by dying carbon markets

By Patrick Bond

Looking back now that the dust has settled, South Africa’s COP17 presidency appears disastrous. This was confirmed not only by Durban’s delayed, diplomatically-decrepit denouement, but by plummeting carbon markets in the days immediately following the conference’s ignoble end last Sunday.

Of course it is tempting to ignore the stench of failure and declare Durban “an outstanding success,” as did South African environment minister Edna Molewa. “We have significantly strengthened the international adaptation agenda,” she explained about the near-empty Green Climate Fund. “The design of the fund includes innovative mechanisms for bringing private sector and market mechanisms into play to increase the potential flow of funding into climate change responses.”

Because the $100 billion promised by Hillary Clinton in Copenhagen two years ago is apparently fictional (aside from minor commitments by South Korea, Germany and Denmark), Molewa’s two crucial albeit unintended words are ‘play’ and ‘potential.’ In our new book, Durban’s Climate Gamble: Trading Carbon, Betting the Earth, critical researchers show why emissions markets are as comatose as the Kyoto Protocol. Only a casino drunkard would put money – much less the planet – on the odds of a death-bed resurrection. Jatka lukemista Durban’s climate Zombie tripped by dying carbon markets