About us

Hyökyaalto is a grassroots climate action network whose members want to confront the root causes of climate change by taking creative, direct action. We want to bring attention to how climate change is linked to fossil fuels, economic inequality and capitalist modes of production. We want to strengthen socially just, local solutions to the climate crisis. Our activities are based on volunteer work and we aim to work in non-hierarchical and versatile ways.

We form part of the international Rising Tide -network. There is no formal membership – anyone who agrees with our principles can identify as a member.

You can contact us at hyokyaalto [at] riseup.net.

Our activities are diverse, but based on the following guidelines:

Anti-authoritarianism. Climate justice requires social justice, both among and within societies. On the very local level this principle can be honoured by a consensus decision making process: each participant has an equal say, and there are no leaders. We accept no discrimination based on ethnicity, gender, sexuality or religion.

Anticapitalism. One of the primary causes of the climate crises is the current economic system, based on endless growth. Global capitalism can be replaced by building local economies which respond to the needs of local communities and cause less harm to the natural environment.

The State. The state is, by definition, a hierarchical institution which upholds unjust power relations. The capitalist state aims to secure the economic system which damages both ecosystems and people. We want to contribute to promoting direct democracy and favor local governance over state government.

Action. We support direct action which does not harm any living beings. Hyökyaalto is an unregistered, independent network whose finances are based on its own fundraising and on private donations.

Bank account:
Please contact hyokyaalto [at] riseup.net


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