How to get there

It’s easiest to get to Finland by ferry, either Stocholm-Turku,
Stocholm-Helsinki or Tallinn-Helsinki.
Easy but expensive: Travemunde-Helsinki,
A bus will be organized to the camp from Helsinki (via Tampere) on 8th of June. Reserve a place in advance! If the bus places are filled early, we could arrange
more rides! The bus costs 15€ one way.

Public busses: to Kokkola, Oulu (both 100km from Pyhäjoki)
(Also a few connections to Raahe/Pyhäjoki)
There are train connections to Raahe, Oulu or Kokkola, check discounts early enough – otherwise really expensive! See:
We´ll help with organizing rides from the stations.

By car or hitchhiking:
From Turku: Straight road A8 from harbour in the direction of Pori (550km).
From Helsinki: A4/E75 to Jyväskylä, continue in Oulu direction, after Pihtipudas turn left to road 27 towards Haapajärvi. Turn right to E8 towards Pyhäjoki.

Hanhikivi cape is ca. 12 km north of Pyhäjoki center. From road E8, turn left (if coming from the south) onto Puustellintie, and follow the black ‘Hanhikivi’ signs until the road crosses Fennovoima’s road construction site; the campsite is just a few kilometers past the crossing (there’s banners in the trees at the camp entrance), but there’s also accomodation and parking space just before the crossing.
If possible, call the camp phone ( +358 465 98 1080 ) before arrival, so we can advise about parking space and know you’re coming, etc.

If you need a ride or you are coming by car with space for extra travellers, please contact us and we’ll try to help with arranging rides. There’s also a ride-share webpage to search for a cheap ride:
We don’t recommend flying, but as the location is quite distant it’s one understandable option, especially as the finnish public transport is quite expensive. The closest international airport is Oulu. There’s also cheap flights to Tampere, and our bus drives through Tampere.

If you want to come earlier, we sure would need help with arranging the camp! Also if you need accomodation on the way in e.g. Helsinki or Turku, contact us and we’ll arrange something.

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