We want to build a world where people have power over their lives and environment, beyond states and parlamentarism, so we wish to not see partypolitical signs or nationalistic symbols in the camp. We fight for the earth, not for any nation!

The capitalist economy system is one reason for inequality, but not the only one. Power relations start in everyday interaction – our revolution starts from abandoning ethnical, sexual and gender based power relations, in practice: discriminating behavior due to someone’s underprivileged traits will definitely not be accepted.

The cape is still, at least for a short while, an ecologically vulnerable area, so let’s not ruin it, even if the company is doing so. Several kinds of rare birds are nesting in the early summer, so if you know your dog loves hunting, it might be better to leave it elsewhere. Loud music or noise – not recommended.

We’ll have fun and enjoy the summer with wonderful people and new friends, but this time, it’s better to do without drugs or alcohol. This is an action camp, and it’s a safety matter that we keep ourselves sober.
There’s a nice karaoke bar in town where you can probably open conversations on nuclear issues with the locals!

It’s an action camp – don’t take photos without asking permission. Still, bring your camera! There will be visual activities to shoot, too.


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